How to buy Bitcoin safely: choosing a service and step-by-step instructions for investors from Trustee Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are an innovative breakthrough of the last decade, and in mid-March 2021, the bitcoin rate renewed its historical maximum and exceeded $ 60,000. Against the background of increased interest in crypto, people often need to buy bitcoin from a card.

Despite the abundance of information, users are often faced with the problem of choosing a secure service. People are afraid of becoming a victim of scammers, and also mistakenly believe that special knowledge is needed to work with cryptocurrencies. Also, many do not know that you can buy a piece of bitcoin.

Services for conducting operations with cryptocurrencies can be divided into centralized and decentralized.

Centralized – these are those in which users give cryptocurrencies to an intermediary: the user transfers his private keys and the authority to perform operations on his own behalf to the sites. Thus, the assets are outside the control of their beneficial owner.

These include crypto exchanges and most online exchanges.

Disadvantages of exchanges:

  • overloaded interface;
  • the need to go through the identification procedure;
  • the likelihood of hacking and dishonesty of exchange personnel.

Online exchangers are highly likely to be scammed.

On decentralized services users independently and without intermediaries store and manage cryptocurrency. The main characteristics of such sites:

  • users do not transfer keys to such services, and the latter does not have access to the user’s assets;
  • users do not pass verification and independently manage assets;
  • intermediaries are not involved.

Trustee Wallet is a decentralized service (application) with the most advanced technological solutions in this area. It is an innovative open source multicurrency crypto wallet that provides the ability to instantly send and receive virtual assets using Visa MasterCard and payment systems.

Installing and running the application

First you need to download and install the Trustee Wallet app from the App Store or Play Market. On the first launch, a unique seed phrase will be generated.

IMPORTANT! You should keep this seed in a safe and secure place, as this is the only way to regain access to your wallet if you lose your smartphone.

Operations with crypt are simplified due to a user-friendly interface. The service offers the lowest commissions on the market when entering fiat (0.5%), in the direction of crypto-crypt, the commission for the exchange is 0.2%, and sending to other crypto wallets – only with the commission of the network (miners).

Buying cryptocurrency

Here are the steps to follow to buy bitcoin:

1. From the home screen, select BTC. Next, the tabs will open: Get. Buy, Send. Click the “Buy” button;

2. Then select the currency with which you will pay. For example, dollars / rubles / hryvnia from Visa, MasterCard or other payment systems (QIWI, Payeer, etc.). Many foreign currencies are also available;

3. The amount is calculated automatically. The screen shows how much BTC you will receive;

4. Smart Swap system will give out the best offers on the market among all existing exchangers;

5. All that remains is to choose the most advantageous option for yourself. Click “Next”. Here is the item “Add a card” – enter your card details.

6. Check the correctness of the data on the “Pre-check” page (BTC rate, commission amount, and the final amount of cryptocurrency that you will receive). If everything is correct, and you are satisfied with the deal, then click “Confirm”;

7. Now confirm the transaction in the bank application.

With Trustee Wallet, you can buy creepas simply and safely! Use a trusted service.

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