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Bitcoin was the first example of blockchain technology being applied in the free finance field. Although Satoshi Nakamoto did not use the term cryptocurrency in his message to the World, this is the name that has become a household name for many digital assets. Bitcoin is also considered to be digital gold; the first cryptocurrency received this definition due to its investment qualities.

Buying bitcoin for US dollars without verification usually does not cause any difficulties. Thanks to the Cryptex online exchange, you can purchase the first cryptocurrency while maintaining complete confidentiality. Bitcoin is also loved by many traders for its high volatility. Such fluctuations allow you to use different approaches to building a trading strategy and get the maximum profit and allows you to profitably invest in the first cryptocurrency to save your own funds.

There are several ways to exchange bitcoins for US dollars on the Cryptex exchange:

  • direct exchange through the exchanger,
  • exchange trading,
  • OTC deals for large investors.

How to exchange Bitcoin to USD at a favorable rate

On the international cryptocurrency online exchange Cryptex, you can perform any operations with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the clock. To start trading digital gold in exchange for United States dollars, just register on the platform and replenish your internal account in any convenient way.

Due to the high degree of concern for the privacy of its customers, Cryptex allows you to start selling and buying bitcoins without having to go through a complicated and lengthy verification procedure – just an email address is enough to register. After confirming the e-mail, each client has access to the entire functionality of the exchange, from depositing and withdrawing funds, ending with the anonymous purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The trading process itself is very simple and consists of several steps:

  1. Find an offer on the exchange or create a new order.
  2. Wait until the order or counter-offer from other investors is completed.
  3. Withdraw the received coins for cold storage or transfer to another Cryptex user without commission by means of an internal code.

Bitcoin has long become a fairly reliable asset for long-term investment and savings from the influence of inflationary risks. Despite the high volatility, the overall dynamics of the exchange rate on the online exchange makes digital gold one of the best hedging and diversification tools.

Frequently asked Questions

How to create a Bitcoin wallet?

After registering on the exchange, each client is assigned an individual permanent bitcoin address to which cryptocurrency can be transferred at any time. After confirming the transaction in the bitcoin network, all the listed coins will automatically appear on the balance. And to create a cold storage wallet, you can create an offline bitcoin wallet.

How to maintain anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions?

Without additional security measures, Bitcoin cannot guarantee complete anonymity. However, maintaining the necessary confidentiality when making payments is easy enough. Cryptex allows you to buy Bitcoin for USD without verification, which is the first step towards maintaining anonymity.

How to get the best purchase price for large volumes of bitcoin?

Large amounts of buying or selling cryptocurrency can significantly affect the current bitcoin quotes on online exchanges. To buy or sell a large volume of coins, you just need to contact the Cryptex manager to get the optimal price and make a direct deal without getting into the general order book.

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