How to break the habit of being poor

Habit is second nature. The ancient Roman orator Cicero spoke about this, and the research of modern psychologists. Without noticing it, we shape our daily life under the influence of habits. Therefore, one should not be surprised that poverty is also a habitwhich many people unconsciously develop in themselves.

How to break the habit of being poor? Perhaps you will find something similar to your habits in the following patterns that make people poorer? If so, then it’s time to get out of the habit of being poor.

1 habit. To complain

Whatever the tears are, they’re all about self-pity

How many times have you heard from friends or acquaintances complaints about an unsuccessful life, a difficult fate and poverty? How many times did you complain yourself? It didn’t work out, no luck, they pay little, nerves to hell, neighbors are pigs, the boss doesn’t appreciate, children don’t listen, and so on. Almost any occasion is good for self-pity.

A person very quickly gets used to feeling sorry for himself. However, as popular wisdom says: “Pity for people oppresses, and for oneself – humiliates.” Very quickly, the ever-complaining poor fellow becomes a kind of outcast, because you must admit that there are very few people who want to communicate with an ever-complaining and dissatisfied person.

The circle of friends of such a “whiner” is gradually decreasing, colleagues at work try to avoid him, and managers or bosses do not trust such people with important tasks and lucrative projects. Self-pity is an end to a successful career and a path to poverty. Cheer up and throw this unsightly habit out of your life!

2 habit. Save on everything

2 the habit of poverty - saving on everything

“The economy must be economical”

Do you think your colleagues are doing less and getting more? Do you ever lend to anyone? Are you a regular customer of sales, discount and second-hand departments? Surely, you consider yourself a thrifty and thrifty person. However, this is not at all the case.

The desire to save as much as possible on everything is by no means a sign of a thrifty person. This means that you have no balance between expenses and income. Thrifty people know the value of things and other people’s labor. They just don’t overpay for them, but they always pay their real value. Moreover, they expect such an attitude and, as a rule, always strive for themselves.

3 habit. Want a lot of money at once

The habit of being poor

The price of happiness is a million dollars

What do you need to be happy? A million dollars, a prestigious car, a five-story palace? If your idea of ​​happiness lies in the possession of material things and values, you subconsciously program yourself for poverty.

Can’t you be happy without huge incomes, Rolls Royce, bank accounts and the like? How can money buy health, love, true friendship? The hugs of your beloved woman, the laughter of your child? This is real happiness that cannot be bought for any money. Money itself hasn’t made anyone happy yet.

4 habit. Afraid of dismissal

The causes of poverty

“Mom, mom, what am I going to do? Mom, mom, how will I live? ” (from)

A layoff is coming at work, and at the very thought of it you get a panic attack? This is one of the signs that you are programming yourself for poverty. Nobody keeps you at work out of pity. You have an education, you have some professional qualities and skills. Money can always be earned, not in one place, then in another.

Money is not a constant. Today they may be in abundance, but tomorrow they may not be at all. You should not raise panic and feel sorry for yourself because of this, experts of the magazine advise. Look for yourself in work, and prosperity will not be long in coming.

5 habit. Wasting money mindlessly

Reckless spending

Forty plus forty = ruble forty

Do you work from morning till night, but still not enough money? Review your expenses. Surely, there are excesses that can be reduced without much damage to the quality of life. If a person spends money thoughtlessly, he is unlikely to ever become wealthy.

6 habit. Doing work you don’t like

The habit of poverty

Without a hunt, it is unreasonable at work

Doing an unloved business is, to put it mildly, uninteresting. And from a scientific point of view, work that you don’t like gradually turns into a routine, the level of initiative and productivity decreases. An occupation that you do not like, you absolutely do not want to improve and achieve any new results in it. Hence the low salaries, and the lack of career prospects, and poverty.

Only by doing his favorite job is a person able to reveal his potential to the fullest. The desire to work translates into a desire for continuous improvement of results, which naturally affects the financial situation for the better.

7 habit. Not being friends with family

A family

Family in a heap, not scary and a cloud

As sociological studies show, distance from one’s family, in most cases, makes a person a failure and contributes to poverty. Sister lives 15 minutes away, and you see each other once a year? Don’t want to see your relatives because they do not correspond to the rules accepted in your life? This is one of the paths to poverty.

For a wealthy person, family is the greatest value in life. Only your family, only native people will accept you as you are, support and help you, regardless of all financial, personal and other problems. The family is the support in the life of any person, and this should never be forgotten.

Of course our 7 habits of a poor man cannot be called universal. Something can definitely be applied in life, we have not touched on some points in this article. One way or another, there can be only one advice here: set yourself a goal not to be poor, define checkpoints on the path to prosperity and move towards them, move, move!

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