In Germany, they plan to launch coal stations. In this way, the country’s authorities want to save gas and ensure that underground storage facilities are filled with fuel before winter comes. The New York Times journalist Melissa Eddy writes about this. Earlier, the German authorities informed about their plans to restart coal-fired power plants and fill gas storage facilities as much as possible. This decision was made against the backdrop of the threat of shortages after Moscow gradually reduced the volume of supplies of this fuel to Europe. German Economy Minister Robert Habek, however, could not give an exact answer to the question of how many coal-fired power plants will be put back into operation. During his next speech, he emphasized that, being a member of the Green Party, he himself was extremely dissatisfied with everything that was happening, however, the decision to launch coal stations is a necessity in the current situation, so that gas storage facilities should be full by the beginning of winter. “That’s our priority,” he added. It is assumed that the law, which will allow the return to the use of coal for electricity generation, will be adopted in July. Thus, by the beginning of autumn, it will be necessary to have a ready-made scheme that will enable companies to buy gas at auctions in order to further reduce the dependence of German industry on this type of fuel. Source: PRIME

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