Hello, colleagues! On today’s broadcast, we cut out a lot of fabrics and sewed a bunch of costumes, thesis: About sore, USDUAH hryvnia in parabola, we hope for a happy end … alas, in this case, investments in a devastated economy are not expected. (weekly plan) Segezha Group raised ₽30 billion during the IPO on the Moscow Exchange and it has good prospects, weekly plan (for ideal purchases, see the video at the end of the topic): Copper, monthly plan, 40 to 60: Gold, which gold bugs are waiting up, you need to push off from the bottom, monthly plan: Timing of the entire review: 00:00 via prima 00:03:48 GC 00:13:22 HG 00:31:27 KC 00:51:42 LE 01:17 :53 NG H22,H23 01:41:30 USDUAH 02:02:40 SGZHMore ​​scenarios in the cart: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa Discussing in the chat: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa_Chat

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