From rhino to unicorn. How to manage corporations in the digital transformation era

Leading Russian business practitioners on forty cases from around the world show how traditional companies can fit into the trends of the technological revolution, bypass newcomers-competitors and ensure sustainable prosperity for the coming years.

Authors: Victor Orlovsky, Vladimir Korovkin

  • Publisher: BOMBORA
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Age limit: 12+
  • ISBN: 978-5-04-098230-1

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A book on modern business transformation

The era of large traditional corporations – “rhinos” – is rapidly leaving. They are being replaced by unicorns – a new generation of companies that have quickly adapted to the realities of the digital economy. AirBnB, Apple, Alibaba are shaking up the entire corporate world, rewriting the rules for themselves and being ahead of the “rhinos” in almost all directions. But even for traditional companies, all is not lost. You just need to learn to live by the new rules, go through a period of transformation, get into the ranks of “unicorns” and become one of them.

Viktor Orlovsky is the founder and managing partner of the Fort Ross Ventures venture fund, and previously headed the technology blocks of the largest Russian banks. Vladimir Korovkin is the Head of Innovation and Digital Technologies at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, who has been successfully engaged in research on the global digital transformation agenda for a long time.

By combining efforts, the authors investigate new trends in the global business market and derive laws that allow transform even the most conservative “rhino” into an innovative “unicorn” and defeat tomorrow’s competitors

The authors combined personal business experience with forty successful and failed cases – from and Whole Foods Market to Sberbank and Lamoda. And they supplemented the obtained data with the academic study of scientific texts. The result is a book that clearly shows which techniques and techniques work and which don’t, and why. Readers will learn:

  • What areas give unicorns superiority over rhinos?
  • How can a traditional company improve its competitiveness and protect its market position?
  • How do you provide a customer with value that they won’t get elsewhere?
  • How do you get into the slender ranks of the “unicorns” – or perhaps even become one of them?

Simple, affordable, with examples

The authors of the book are not hearsay familiar with the barriers arising on the path of corporate transformations – cultural, organizational, financial, technological. That is why in the book they focus on the complexities of the digital transition, the pitfalls that lie in its path. They have identified seven such traps that can explain all known failures of corporate digital transformation. We also compiled a set of rules that allow us to embark on the path of effective changes and bring the business to a completely different level.

I liked the book – it’s simple and accessible, with good examples, interesting traps and the right recommendations“, – Dmitry Grishin, co-founder of

An excellent book for both leaders who have already started digital transformation and those who are just thinking about it.“, – Maxim Nogotkov, founder of” Messenger “

Gigantic labor! You have made a very interesting book. One word – detective! I read it straight. Very interesting figures, amazing life examples and valuable conclusions. I recommend the book to anyone who considers himself a business person“- David Yang, founder of Abbyy.

The book contains many interesting – both successful and unsuccessful – examples from corporate history. The authors draw useful conclusions from what they have seen and experienced personally. I recommend reading it to CEOs of companies who have digital transformation on their agenda.“, – Ilya Strebulaev, professor at Stanford Business School.

Based on the analysis of business cases, the authors show that digital transformation is a difficult path that is full of obstacles and surprises. The book helps to radically change thinking and start acting in a new way. The publication will be useful for businessmen and managers who want to learn how to live by the changed rules and win in an innovative digital reality.

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