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April 19, 2021 starts free online course “Stock Market. Advanced Trading”… This course is primarily aimed at experienced investors who have been working with the stock market for some time and want to expand their knowledge, tools and ask professional analysts their questions. Also, this course may be interesting for those who are just starting to take their “first steps” in investments and now would like to learn more about effective market instruments, risk assessment and an overview of proven strategies. But for beginners, before starting the course, it is highly recommended that you learn the basics of investing from our previous course “Stock Market for Beginners”.

So, what is in store for investors in the upcoming Stock Market Advanced Trading course?

Course program

Lesson 1 – Basic concepts of the stock market

  • How the stock price is formed on the stock market.
  • What factors affect the price of a share.
  • Why is the value of a share determined not only by financial indicators?
  • The advantage of long positions over short ones.

In the first lesson, you will be able to study in detail the features of short and long positions, learn the main differences between trading sessions and how the order book works. You will also understand the issues of stock pricing and learn how to select promising and undervalued companies for investment.

Lesson 2 – Sources of information for analysis. Key indicators

  • Where to find information about the company.
  • What parameters of the company to pay attention to.
  • What is a split of shares.
  • Reverse stock split.
  • Reasons for share split by companies.
  • Where dividends are accrued and how to get them.

In the second lesson, students of the course will discover the main sources of information for analyzing companies, as well as how to interpret the main indicators and multipliers. They will tell you in detail about the main corporate events and show you with examples how they affect the return on investment.

Lesson 3 – What Events Affect the Stock Market

  • Global indicators affecting the stock market.
  • Protection against falling prices in the stock market.
  • Specifics of working with the volatility index (fear index).
  • Inflation protection (shares of gold mining companies).

The third lesson will be devoted to assessing global factors and their impact on the stock market. Learn how central bank interest rates, inflation data, or government bond yields affect the stock market. You will also become familiar with the fear and greed index and learn how to interpret its signals.

Lesson 4 – Technical Analysis

  • Finding out the direction of the trend using technical indicators.
  • Determine the completion of the correction and the period in which it is necessary to buy shares.
  • Choosing a stock price to buy
  • We assess the risks and conditions under which the original idea is canceled

In the fourth lesson, students of the course will be able to learn about the basic techniques of technical analysis of stocks. You will be shown with examples how indicators work and how to use them to choose the right entry and exit points. You will learn how to correctly assess the risks of your positions and act in conditions of uncertainty

Lesson 5 – Complementing Fundamental Analysis with Technical

  • We study the financial condition of the company.
  • We check if the fundamental data coincide with the indicators of technical indicators.
  • We determine the price for buying or selling shares.

In the final lesson of the course, you will be able to consolidate all the previously obtained material in the framework of practical application in the stock market. You will be shown how to combine fundamental and technical analysis, and how to interpret the results.

What skills will you gain after the course?

  • Learn to work with various stock market instruments: Stocks, Indices, Futures.
  • With the help of technical and fundamental analysis, you will be able to choose promising stocks.
  • You will use all the features of the R Trader multi-market trading terminal.

Course Leader

Evgeny Savitsky is a financial analyst with a higher economic education, has been successfully investing since 2005. A regular contributor to trading and investing articles on the R Blog.


Course participants will have access to a unique trading strategy “Pump & Dump”… You will learn:

  • What are pumps and why are investors actively buying these stocks?
  • How to find pumps?
  • How to benefit from them.

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