Free binary options without investing money

Binary options without investment it is interesting to try almost all traders who are passionate about finding alternative investments. The activity of advertising campaigns of binary options brokers creates excitement and spurs the curiosity of speculators, however, the fact that this is still a surrogate instrument, the probability of deception in the trade of which is much higher than usual, gives rise to fears in relation to it, and therefore there is a desire to test binary options free

Option 1: Binary options without investments on a demo account

The simplest solution to the question of how to test binary options trading for free suggests itself – to open a demo account. Virtual money, virtual profit – all these opportunities to play trading and evaluate your capabilities with binars are provided by almost every broker.

There are no obvious pitfalls in such binary options trading without investments – the same quotes, the same conditions, the same terminal.

If you are a professional trader, then most likely there will be no consequences. But for beginners, a demo account can turn out to be a stumbling block at the moment of switching to a real deposit. Long trading with virtual money can incorrectly prepare the trader’s psychology for negative trades and the stress of real trading in general. Therefore, experts do not recommend staying on a demo account. It is better to quickly switch to 2 or 3 options for trading binary options without investment.

Option 2: Free Binary Options in Contests

Our magazine has already held trading contests for binary options several times. Free registration of participants allowed not only to try their hand at trading a new asset, but also to earn an initial deposit and material prizes on this. Basically, forex traders who visit our sites gladly responded to this offer and quite successfully started their trading in binars. After the competition, many traders admitted that they partially switched to them, since were able to try binary options for free and evaluate all the disadvantages and advantages without losing their own investment of money.

Nowadays, contests are run by many binary options brokers. Just go through the major companies and look for related information. Contests are perhaps the most convenient way to test binary options for free.

Option 3: Binary Options Bonuses

Binary options for free and without investment

Let’s just say that such binary options trading without investments is not so free. Brokers give bonuses often and with pleasure, but at the same time there is some prerequisite. Most often, this is the introduction of the first deposit by a beginner, which is doubled or somehow multiplied by the broker.

The danger of such bonuses for binary options is that when you lose your deposit, your investments are spent first, and only at the end – bonuses. To make it clearer, let’s look at a simple example.

You have deposited $ 100 on your first deposit. The company doubled it with a bonus, and you see $ 200 on the account. If your trade somehow did not work out and the deposit is partially lost, for example, by $ 60, you can only withdraw $ 40 from the remaining $ 140. It is with your money that you trade in the first place.

Likewise, when restoring a deposit after a drawdown, you will first close the “debt” to the broker, and only the remainder can be withdrawn.

For example, out of those $ 200 you lost $ 130. Thus, you have no more funds left on your account and you have lost another $ 30 from the bonus. If in the future, luck returns to you, and you win $ 100, you can only take 70 of them, i.e. funds in excess of the bonus issued.

In general, there is nothing wrong with such a bonus for binary options, if you are prepared for such rules and accept them.

Of course, there are also no deposit bonuses for binary options in nature, but usually this is just a lure, because there will be restrictions on the withdrawal of profits in the form of the need to trade many, many transactions or then deposit your own money into the account. It is difficult to call such binary options trading free. Therefore, we recommend that you read the terms of such promotions very carefully.

Let’s summarize

So how do we trade free binary options without investing our own money?

  • On a demo account;
  • In competitions;
  • For bonuses.

Fortrader magazine experts recommend testing your strengths and capabilities for this tool using the proposed methods before making a deposit. While it is quite difficult to find something worthwhile for free, it is better to put a little effort into it than to lose money without understanding the situation. Binary options without investments exist and you need to use them.

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