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Gold Price Today, Dec 21, 2020

Gold rate today, December 21, at 09:00 Moscow time was 1905.0 dollars per troy ounce
Medium-term trend: uptrend

Gold price online

Gold price on 18 December 2020 on the London OTC market:

  • Morning fixing: $ 1,878.95 / oz
  • Evening fixing: 1879.75 (-11.00 USD, -0.582%) dollars / ounce

Gold price predictions for a forex trader

Major market events affecting the price of gold

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Gold is the world’s most popular precious metal and is unlikely to lose its value in the foreseeable future. Every trader who has come to understand the interaction of various mechanisms of the trading process sooner or later comes to the idea of ​​trading not only currency. At the moment, trading in gold is one of the most promising types of earnings on Forex, and forecasting the gold rate is an important tool for successful trading.

Daily analysts publish the results of gold trading on the largest trading floors: the London Interbank Market and the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX), the main events affecting the gold price, as well as a selection of gold forecasts from leading analysts of the largest brokers and expert companies.

Gold price predictions for forex traders from specialized analysts – the most powerful tool for trading gold. Expert opinion does not give ready-made recommendations, however, it allows you to more adequately approach the assessment of events in the gold market, form your own vision of the situation and make the right decision, which will become the key to successful and profitable gold trading.

Using daily forex forecasts for gold from specialized analysts, you will raise your trading level to new heights of trading quality and profitability.

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