Elon Musk EA is a trading robot based on innovative technologies. Its development has become a real breakthrough in the field of trading in the financial market Forex. The use of the robot, named after the famous inventor and businessman Ilon Musk, allows the automation of investment operations. In this case, no effort is required from the trader, getting a profit is fully automated. So, we offer a detailed review of Elon Musk EA with a consideration of the trading strategies used, the installation process, and so on.

Elon Musk EA trading strategy

In ElonMuskEa Review, first of all, the features of the trading strategy used should be considered. When creating the trading robot, long-term experience in studying the financial market was used. Automated advisor allows you to profit in the automatic mode, the robot allows you to trade 24/5.

Trading operations are based on such well-known strategies as scalping and hedging. They assume fulfillment of a considerable quantity of transactions within one day, each of them is calculated on profit. Trading transactions are based on an in-depth analysis of 16 indicators of market conditions.

Trade strategy elonmuskea.com works on the basis of the following principles:

  • It assumes the use of modern technology, uses in-depth analysis of current trends and changes in market conditions;
  • Precise singles are used, which allows predicting changes in market conditions. If the recommended settings are installed, prediction accuracy reaches 70%, which guarantees the profitability of trading operations;
  • The functional module of risk management is built in; one currency pair can open not more than one deal at a time;
  • The robot does not use Martingale strategy or other order management tactics aimed at increasing the risks.

The ElonMuskEa robot is compatible with virtually all major Forex brokers. The only minimum requirements are a high speed of execution and liquidity.

The process of installation of the robot

Automated advisor Elon Musk Ea is easy to install and use. For its installation you need:

  • Download the advisor;
  • Open an account with broker from the list of recommended for making investment operations using MT4 or MT5 platform;
  • Rent a VPS server on Dondon territory;
  • Perform installation according to the instruction.

Trading robot is available not only in licensed, but also in demo version. It allows you to assess its work in practice, to check the possibility of making a profit.

Using the Expert Advisor in free mode has a number of advantages for the trader:

  • Accelerated installation procedure based on ready-made templates;
  • Compatible with the most popular MT4 and MT5 platforms;
  • Opportunity to make transactions with one or 26 currency pairs in parallel;
  • Provides detailed documentation.

Robotic Expert Advisor allows you to start trading in the automated mode without the risk of losing your deposit. It can be used by beginners who do not have specialized knowledge as well as by professionals.

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