Cryptocurrency exchange FTX will allow customers to trade stocks and ETFs on its Bitcoin and Dogecoin trading app. FTX opens access to a new stock trading service for a limited number of users in the United States from Thursday, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the head of the American division of the exchange, Brett Harrison. FTX plans to roll out the service to all US customers over the next few months. Subsequently, the application can be used to trade other asset classes, such as futures, within the same interface, Harrison said. “Ultimately we want to offer a comprehensive application for financial services,” he said. FTX plans to offer clients commission-free stock trading similar to most of the largest online brokers in the US. Meanwhile, the exchange will not redirect customer orders to high-speed traders in exchange for cash. The practice is known as pay-per-order flow, Harrison said. A number of other trading apps, including Robinhood, Cash App and, already offer users the ability to trade both stocks and cryptocurrencies. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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