For the period from June 11 to June 17, 2022, consumer prices in the Russian Federation decreased by 0.12% after falling by 0.14% a week earlier (from June 4 to 10), the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported. Deflation in Russia has been holding for the third week in a row. Since the beginning of June, prices have decreased by 0.26%, since the beginning of the year they have increased by 11.51%. In June 2021, prices increased by 0.69%, from the beginning of the year – by 4.19%. The average daily decline in prices since the beginning of June this year amounted to 0.015%. Food products For the period from June 11 to June 17, 2022, prices decreased: for granulated sugar – by 2.0%, chicken eggs – by 0.6%, sterilized milk – by 0.4%, buckwheat – by 0.3 %, sausages, sausages, cottage cheese, dry milk mixtures for baby food – by 0.2%, pork, sausages, vodka – by 0.1%. At the same time, prices increased: for chocolate sweets – by 0.7%, rice and vermicelli – by 0.4%, margarine, canned fruit and berries for baby food, black tea – by 0.3%, frozen fish, cheeses rennet, canned vegetables for baby food – by 0.2%, beef, lamb, chicken meat, butter, wheat flour, bread and bakery products from wheat flour of various varieties, pasta – by 0.1%. Medicines In the group of monitored medicines, prices fell: ergoferon – by 0.7%, levomekol – by 0.5%, rengalin, combined analgesics, corvalol – by 0.4%, nimesulide – by 0.3%, validol – by 0.2 %, multivitamins – by 0.1%. Prices for metamizole sodium (domestic analgin) increased by 0.4%, allochol – by 0.3%. Consumer goods Prices increased during the week: electric vacuum cleaners – by 2.0%, women’s tights, children’s T-shirts – by 0.3%, T-shirts, men’s T-shirts, shampoos, filter cigarettes – by 0.2%, sneakers for children – by 0.1%. Prices for particle boards, oriented strand boards decreased by 1.2%, edged boards – by 1.0%, TVs – by 0.7%, smartphones – by 0.5%, jeans for children – by 0.3%, sneakers for adults – by 0.1%. Prices for motor gasoline and diesel fuel remained virtually unchanged. Services The average cost of vouchers to rest houses and boarding houses increased by 1.4%, accommodation in 2* hotels and vouchers in a sanatorium – by 0.9%, accommodation in 1*, 4*-5* hotels, motels and hostels – by 0 .5%, 3* hotels – by 0.2%. Metro fares in Russia increased by 0.3% on average. The payment for housing in the houses of the state and municipal housing funds on average in Russia increased by 0.1%. The cost of a flight in the economy class cabin of an aircraft decreased by 8.7%. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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