Brexit issues won’t stop GBPUSD from rising to 1.3575

The transition period within Brexit ends in less than a week, but there is still no clear understanding of how the trading system between the EU and the UK can work. And only now the picture is becoming a little clearer. It’s Christmas Eve today, but Brexit negotiators have been conferring all night and have no plans to stop. In fact, there are not so many contradictions between the parties, but the British stubbornly stood their ground.

It is now known that the transition period within Brexit will end on December 31, and London will not leave without a deal. The parties will be able to discuss some details after the new year, although information about this is now also widely discussed. But the very fact that trade frameworks, fishing conditions, and border issues were still won with common sense, rather than stress and economic collapse, is already positive.

The pair GBPUSD on Thursday morning, December 24, is trading at 1.3554, counting on a favorable outcome of the negotiations in general. Details and nuances may well wait for the beginning of 2021. If today’s news flow remains positive on this side, then the pound will be able to grow together with the “American” to 1.3575 / 1.3600.

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