Bitcoin is a Ponzi mega-circuit that surpasses $ 1 trillion

The famous investor, economist and writer Nassim Taleb again criticized Bitcoin. Earlier, he noted that the first cryptocurrency did not take place as a means of payment and hedging of risks.

Bitcoin could end May with one of the biggest monthly declines in history, losing more than a third of its value.

This was facilitated by several factors at once: the statement of Elon Musk about the termination of Tesla sales for bitcoins, the aggressive rhetoric of China against mining and cryptocurrencies, the intention of the United States to introduce taxation of bitcoin transactions.

Meanwhile, the world-renowned author of the financial bestseller “Black Swan” Nassim Taleb again criticized the first cryptocurrency, calling it the “Ponzi mega-scheme”, writes forklog.

“When the Bitcoin collapse begins, we will witness the collapse of the Ponzi mega-scheme, which exceeded $ 1 trillion. Every dollar of “Lokhov money” brought in from outside created about $ 10. When bitcoin falls, every dollar will try to leave the system, ”Taleb tweeted.

It is noteworthy that in past years, he has repeatedly supported Bitcoin and criticized the traditional financial system. In February 2019, the author of “Black Swan” gave a lecture in Moscow, where he named the main task of the first cryptocurrency – to scare bankers.

However, last summer, Taleb called the overwhelming majority of bitcoin maximalists “complete idiots”, and in February 2021 – “amoeba”. In February, the philosopher announced the sale of all his bitcoins and stated that digital gold did not take place as a means of payment due to high volatility.

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