Hello, colleagues! While the markets decided to take a break, in cooperation with the developers of the Skilful Pro program (in which the analysis will be made using the Adverza Tactics analysis method), the DataBuilder program was implemented and distributed free of charge for any needs (description and release in the cloud, here is a small fact-finding video) with which you can literally “combine” literally any data that has a structure and use it for further analysis for your own purposes and analytical programs. I’ll start for health) with the total fertility rate (USSR and then the Russian Federation): What is the reason for the slight increase in the second half of 80 -x (we broke through, but did not stick to the threshold level of 2.1), I propose to discuss in the comments. Then a sharp decline in the standard of living in the dashing 90s and, accordingly, a drop in the birth rate. And the growth of mortality parabola (in the next graph) from many factors. If everything in this situation ends in favor of Russia, I expect a smooth increase in the birth rate, if not, it will drag on, or as one of the major politicians put it, “the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way,” the alignment is obvious. The expansion model from the beginning of the trend is strong, everything should be fine. And I will continue for health, even though we are talking about mortality: In the 90s, mortality increased sharply from both banditry and alcoholism and the number of suicides increased, in a word, a long night. From the beginning of the downtrend, a strong expansion pattern with the achieved level of 100% 4 … and now in a bad up correction for life. I described the situation above. A good sign would be the entry into the model and the breakdown of the level of 100% 4…Cart: https://t.me/Tactica_AdversaChat has moved here: https://t.me/+J8BdH1YZIWI1ZDcy

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