Hello, colleagues! Today, a noteworthy small event took place, Eurobonds traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange were admitted to trading on the Ukrainian stock exchange: The question is, why issue paper with an expiration in 7-plus months on the domestic market (Ukraine, Republik 7.75% 15/22 , XS1303921214), quotes are in a steep fall, real yield broke all records yesterday, today Yield in % (last price) 25.2249 !!! recommendations from Bank of America Corp. on Eurobonds of Ukraine to “above the market” (Overweight) from “correspond to the market” (Marketweight). Is this an opportunity to earn money for your satellites? Or, on the contrary, to additionally sell off the rest, promising that there will be no default? In such scenarios, it will be very difficult to enter the international capital market to receive money to refinance debts, or they will refuse or the coupon rate will be space. I looked at what other Eurobonds are traded on UX, almost none at all. One bond (OZDP nominal USD, redeemed on 11/01/2028 (XS1757) in the world: Ukraine, Republik 9.75% 18/28 ISIN: XS1902171757) interested me due to the unusual trading volume on non-address transactions and dates (not so interesting for address transactions , they are easy to identify and they can be market makers to support liquidity and other brawls): (Short translation: price, – price; first, – first; favor, – deal; , – general) On the chart, these dates are: Before the collapse, someone sold securities for a total amount of about $ 5 million at a very good yield (and these are not uncut, they trade such securities on their exchanges, counterparty risk and costs are lower in order). For the Ukrainian stock market, this is an impressive amount, for example, take all volumes for 11/15/2021, the rate is ~ 27, in terms of dollars ~ $ 181,000: It will be very interesting to observe the history of trading in the future above the bond indicated at the beginning of the topic. In the cart analytics for various instruments: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa Chat discussion: https://t.me/Tactica_Adversa_Chat

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