In April, global semiconductor sales increased by 21.1% to $50.92 billion compared to $42.05 billion in the same month last year, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said in a statement. Compared to March this year, they increased by 0.7% (from $50.58 billion). “Global chip sales have grown more than 20% year on year for 13 consecutive months, indicating a consistently strong and growing demand for semiconductors in a number of critical sectors,” said SIA President and CEO John Neufer, quoted in “Strong global demand for ICs will require more semiconductor research, design and manufacturing in the coming years.” %, in Japan – by 18.5%, in China – by 13.3%, in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China and Japan) and other regions – by 18.1%. Relative to March, sales increased in North and South America by 3.1%, in Japan – by 1.6%, in the Asia-Pacific Region – by 1.2%. Meanwhile, they decreased in Europe by 3.3%, in China – by 0.6%. SIA represents about 99% of the US semiconductor industry and about 66% of chip manufacturers from other countries. Source: FINMARKET.RU

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