A smart girl gets rich. Read a book

Authors: Elena Feoktistova

Publisher: Bombora, 2020
Topic: Business Psychology

ISBN 978-5-04-115862-0
Pages: 208 pp.
Format: 165 x 225
Binding: hardcover
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A book about a woman’s financial wisdom

New from an expert in financial literacy: we figure out how to learn how to control your spending and save for a dream without going into austerity.

“Almost everyone is anxious about money – 95% of people. Others know how to plan and manage their money. Everyone worries, thinks and bothers about money. Yes, and wives from Rublyovka, stars and famous Instagram bloggers too. ”

This is the conclusion reached by financial expert Elena Feoktistova, author of books on investment, head of the Center for Financial Culture. And in fact: the list of wishes rarely correlates with reality. After all, you want to simultaneously save up for housing in a good area, buy a new car, go on vacation somewhere far away from your parent’s dacha … And this even without taking into account the daily expenses for food and clothing. Rich princes and inheritance from aunts do not fall from heaven – moreover, in the progressive XXI century, you want to build your life on your own, not relying solely on chance.

“A smart girl gets rich” Is a book that helps, first of all, to understand your strengths and weaknesses in everything related to finance. And after that – gradually correct the state of affairs. Elena identified eight types of girls in their relationship to money. It’s time to find out what type you are and learn how to manage your cash flow.

Are you the Wasteful Beauty? Adventurous Queen? Or the Wise Virgin? How is one type different from another and is there an ideal to strive for? The author tells in detail what pitfalls can await each of us on the way to financial well-being. And he proves with real stories: you can live in abundance, save for a comfortable old age and invest even with a salary of 50 thousand rubles and without fundamental knowledge of mathematics.

Book “A smart girl gets rich” will tell you how:

  • finally close all credit cards and stop living in debt;
  • learn to save money;
  • form an airbag;
  • save up for vacation, education and even retirement;
  • generate passive income;
  • master the basic investment tools.

Even if you still live paycheck to paycheck, you will find that accumulating the coveted million is much easier than it seems. In addition to Elena’s clear recommendations broken down by personality type, additional materials will help with this: you will find links to them right along the way. Financial literacy, unfortunately, receives little attention in schools, and parents are not very willing to discuss the topic of money with their children. So it’s time to take financial freedom into your own hands and finally stop worrying about money.

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