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In honor of its 11th anniversary, RoboForex Company is holding a new promotional campaign for its clients and partners. The total prize pool is $ 1,100,000!

The promotion started on July 1, 2021 and will last for the next 10 months. The main difference between the new promotion and the previous one, which started last year, is the increased number of prizes and the number of draws.

Over 500 prizes ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 will be drawn from July 2021 to April 2022.

How to compete for a prize?

To participate in the promotion, you need to be a client of RoboForex Ltd. Prizes will be raffled among holders of special Coupons – they can be obtained for trading on RoboForex accounts or for attracting clients to the company as a Partner.

Each client can receive up to 3 Coupons per month – this is 3 chances to become one of the winners of the drawing! How to get the Coupon:

1. Trade on Prime accounts

Prime are accounts with the best conditions provided by the company. When trading on Prime, you get spreads from 0 pips, a commission of only 10 USD per 1 million USD of trading turnover, as well as the ability to use leverage up to 1: 300. Prime accounts are ideal for algorithmic trading.

Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

  • Replenishment of Prime-account in the amount of 300 USD.
  • The volume of trading operations per month – at least 3 lots *.

* – Only positions on currency pairs and metals opened in the current month are taken into account.

Open a Prime account

2. Earn as a Partner

We offer our partners the opportunity to earn up to 60% of the company’s profits – all you need is to attract active clients to RoboForex. The Affiliate receives up to 50% as part of the VIP program, and the rest is due to payments under the Loyalty Program, which can reach 20% of the monthly affiliate commission.

Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

  • The affiliate commission for the month is at least 300 USD.

Become a partner

3. Become a CopyFX Trader

Are you familiar with CopyFX? It is a copy-trading platform that allows high-performing traders to attract subscribers to their strategies and receive commissions for this. When trading on CopyFX accounts, you earn not only through independent trading, but also through the success of your subscribers.

Conditions for receiving a Coupon:

  • Getting into the TOP-30 of the best CopyFX Traders on Prime accounts for the current month.

Open Prime account in CopyFX

When to wait for the results of the draw?

The month is over and you have received the coveted Coupons. Now you just have to wait for the announcement of the results of the drawing – they are fixed on the first Friday of the month following the current one.

For example, if you received the Coupon in July 2021, then you will know the results on the first Friday of August – 08/06/2021. You can follow the dates and results of the draws on the specially prepared page of the RoboForex website.

How are the winners determined?

Each issued Coupon has a unique six-digit number. The closer this number is to a winning combination, the more chances you have of winning a prize.

The winning combination, in turn, is determined based on the stock prices of 54 leading US companies. For the transparency of the drawing, we take stock prices at the close of the trading session on the first Friday of the month.

The combination is made up of the last figures in the quotes of pairs of shares, which we have predetermined for each of the prize places. You can also view this list on our website.

An example of the drawing

Apple shares (AAPL) close at 142.03 on the day of the draw. For a winning combination, the last three digits of this quote will be taken – 203.

The same scenario applies to Microsoft stock (MSFT). Let’s say they cost 277.59 at the close of the market – the number 759 will be taken for a winning combination.

Thus, the winning combination for 1st place (AAPL + MSFT) will be 203759. The holder of the Coupon with the number closest to this number will receive $ 20,000 to his trading account, which he can withdraw at any time or use in further trading.

You can find detailed information about the Promotion Rules on this page.

Take part in the promotion, get the maximum number of Coupons every month and increase your chances of winning. Good luck!


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