$ 1000 for each winner of the Contest on demo accounts

Broker Gerchik & Co has opened registration for the 7th season of the Contest on demo accounts with a prize pool of $ 55,000.

Contest on demo accounts from the broker Gerchik & Co

  • $ 1000 goes to each winner;
  • 55 winners (not 1, 3, 10);
  • you do not need to deposit your funds into the account;
  • there is no risk of losing your deposit;
  • you can use any strategies, robots, tools.

The main objective of the competition – Scale the capabilities of talented Forex traders online.

  • If you want to get start-up capital for trading without risk.
  • If you need to test your strategy / algorithm / robot without risk.
  • If you finally want to switch from a demo account to a real one, for Forex trading.
  • If you lack the spirit of competition and want to prove to yourself and others how cool you are.

This is for you!!!

Terms of the Competition and details here

Why the Contest is an important stage in the development of every trader

It helps you understand what you really are. Do you have enough endurance. Do you like trading or is it just a fashion statement. Do you have character and discipline. It helps beginners determine if they are ready for real Forex trading. And experienced to show their professionalism in all its glory.

Season 7 is a challenge that not everyone can even accept. The main thing is that it is a safe way to earn 1000 real dollars by trading on virtual ones. The advantages of the Contest on demo accounts make it a truly safe simulator. Education is important at any stage of a career, and the Competition is a practice in which the deposit does not suffer.

In addition, the competitive moment allows you to more effectively work out the psychological aspects of trading: excitement, fear, the desire to become a winner at any cost. And if in the real market a trader is punished for this with real losses, then in the competition he will not lose a penny of his funds.

Demo Contest is Best Practice for Newbies

Many people perceive trading on a demo account as a game, not fully understanding what opportunities Forex trading gives. The competition will help you quickly adapt to the emotional aspects of real trading. And the transition to a real account will be a logical continuation of participation, because a beginner who saw that everything is working out for him will understand that it is time to monetize his skills. The competition is also good for testing a broker. Forex trading on a real account goes better after it.

How to take part in the competition from the forex broker Gerchik & Co

Several steps are required in order to become a member and be able to win $ 1000:

  1. Create a “Personal Account” in the company.
  2. Apply for participation.
  3. Pass the simplified verification procedure.
  4. Participate in the competition and monitor the ranking.
  5. Meet the conditions and … enter the top 55 to get your $ 1000.

After registration, you will receive instructions and advice from experienced traders on psychology, trading techniques and algorithmic trading.

Forex exchange: how Gerchik & Co broker empowers traders

Gerchik & Co has been on the brokerage market for over 5 years. More than 100,000 traders and investors have registered “Personal Accounts” with the company. The secret of success is simple: Forex trading has been brought to a new level here.

  • There is training for any level: from beginners who have just learned about Forex online, and for the pros.
  • There is a Risk Manager service that helps to control risks. After all, it is beneficial for Gerchik & Co broker to make traders and investors earn.
  • The horizontal volume indicator with a built-in advisor helps to identify strong levels and the best points for placing orders.
  • “Trader Statistics” allows you to analyze trading by 35+ parameters and identify weaknesses in order to strengthen them.
  • Gerchik & Co recently opened direct access to the stock market.
  • And so that any trader could earn on Forex, I created an account from $ 100 – a Zero account.

The company regularly improves and expands its products. And the Contest on demo accounts is a tradition that helps to expand the trader’s opportunities.

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